Pen Fell Race

Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Pen race signals the end of the fell running season for me and quite a social event as it seems to attract a good crowd. The weather was near perfect this year with very little wind. In retrospect I almost felt as though I should have worn my sunglasses; the low Winter sun was incredibly blinding as we ran across the moorland towards the Roman road, in fact I think it was a contributing factor as to why I fell into a waist deep bog. Anyway, it washed away the blood on my knee from a previous brush with the gorse bushes as I took a direct line towards the quarry. It took a while to get the legs going again and I never fully recovered my warmth, which added to my alarm as I witnessed a fair few runners washing their legs in the river after the race.

Pen Fell Race_Pen Fell Race 2016.jpg