Marchlyn Horseshoe

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Before realising I had become a fell runner, there were a few runs in the mountains I enjoyed with my collie cross kelpie Sam. This one was at the top of the list. Half the enjoyment was derived from just seeing how excited Sam would get. He was in his element, with the addition of snowy conditions he would be in doggie heaven, prancing around, diving into the snow and sprinting towards me in a challenging manner, veering away at the last opportunity. Playful and basically telling me he was happy.

Today it's become a favourite for the family, and with the addition of Sarah and Bella we form a nice pack. It's great to see Sam and Bella socialise and become good friends, while Sam is the quintessential alpha male and prefers to be at the front at all times, leading the pack. Bella on the other hand is true to her mothering nature and usually rounds everyone up at the back; even in a big group, she knows instinctively if someone is lagging behind, she will wait until they regroup and take the rear. It's debatable whether we are taking them out for a run or the other way around!

Over the years I've appreciated each outing, for it's never the same. This occasion was no different and we were rewarded with a spectacular sunset, somewhat overshadowed with what we dubbed the 'super sun'; It seemed natural to call it that, since it was only a week or so since the super moon. As we ran off Elidir Fawr towards Carnedd y Ffiliast, the sun was about to subside in the shadow of Elidir when a band of thin cloud came into it's path, somehow diffusing it's glare to display the sun in it's full circular entirety.

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